Where to shop in UAE?

Where to shop in UAE?

Are you wondering what to do on a trip to UAE? shopping is among the popular activities. Indeed, UAE is a hub of international trade and you can buy a large number of objects and products that you cannot necessarily find elsewhere. This article gives you the best addresses for a successful shopping trip to UAE.

The best time to shop in UAE is January. Indeed, each year, the Dubai Shopping Festival takes place throughout the month of January. This event attracts a lot of people. This is an opportunity to take advantage of sales and exceptional offers to buy cheap products. The discount level can exceed 50%. Products from some major brands also enjoy significant price discounts.

Before leaving, plan a good shopping budget anyway because if the prices are attractive for certain products, on the other hand on fashion, do not expect to find articles from French brands (Chanel, Vuiton, Dior) at half price. On the other hand, you will be able to see different collections from those found in Europe. Most of the time, you cannot negotiate the price of purchases in the malls where the prices are fixed, unlike the souks where everything can be discussed.

Note that some hotels offer a shuttle service, most often free, to go to certain shopping centers. It is very convenient for shopping in UAE. This avoids taking the metro or taxi.

Discover all the good corners of shopping UAE.

The Dubai Mall

Located right next to the Burj Khalifa (the tallest tower in the world), in the city center, the Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the United Arab Emirates with more than 1,200 shops! It is also one of the largest shopping malls in the world. It is therefore really gigantic and attracts thousands of visitors every day. Here everything is excessive and superlatives are not enough to describe the reality of this extraordinary shopping centre. In addition to the shops, there is a giant aquarium (with sharks), an Olympic ice rink and waterfalls. Luxury boutiques are concentrated on Fashion Avenue.

The Dubai Mall is truly a must for anyone wishing to have a unique shopping experience in Dubai. Indeed, there is really everything you can imagine and much more.

The Mall of Emirates

The Mall of Emirates is the other major mall in Dubai with 800 shops.With a futuristic design, on more than 250,000 m², you will find a large number of luxury, fashion and decoration shops. There is also a cinema and an amusement park.

If it is smaller than the Dubai Mall, the Mall of Emirates is no less impressive. It will take you hours to walk through all the aisles of this mall.

Dubai Duty Free

Dubai Duty Free is the full duty free mall at Dubai International Airport. There you can buy alcohol, cigarettes but also big brand products without paying VAT. It really is the perfect place to do some last minute shopping before catching the plane at the end of your stay in Dubai.

The Marina Mall

Marina Mall has 130 shops. It is therefore smaller than other malls in UAE but allows shopping and dining directly in the Marina area. You can reach it directly if you are staying at Marina hotel.

Wafi Mall

The Wafi Mall is a shopping center with decoration takes up the theme of Ancient Egypt with pyramids and statues of pharaohs. There are more than 300 shops and many restaurants. It is also home to the Khan Murjan Arabic Souk. It is right next to the Raffles Hotel.

Global Village

Global Village is a unique place made up of many pavilions representing the countries of the world. You will find local handicrafts there. You can also eat at one of the many restaurants or have fun in the amusement park in Global Village.

Al Ghurair Center

The Al Ghurair Center is the first modern shopping center to be built in UAE in the 1980s. Located in the Deira district, it now has more than 300 shops, a cinema (Novo Cinemas) and multiple restaurants. Among the best-known brands

How to pay for your purchases in UAE

In UAE, in shopping malls, you can pay your expenses with an international credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or directly with cash. The currency in UAE is the AED (Emirati Dirham). There are exchange offices all over the country.

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